Walgreen's (restaurant)

Street Address: 
Anywhere in the Loop (including 17 E. Washington)
Chicago, IL

Culled from: Drury, John. Dining in Chicago, New York: The John Day Company, 1931, p. 205.

Note: The Newberry Library holds the personal papers of author John Drury.

WALGREEN'S, Anywhere in the Loop

Newest of the American dishes, which has made a great hit, is the inner-toasted sandwich, served only in Walgreen drug stores. It is a good-sized bun with its insides toasted and filled with various meats or other foods — beef saute, chicken salad, frankfurter, melted American cheese, or tuna fish salad. A deviled egg and a cup of coffee or tea go with it and the whole costs 25 cents. Everybody eats them at noon in Walgreen's.




1931 - 1931


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