Piccadilly Hotel

Street Address: 
51st Blvd. and Blackstone Ave.
Chicago, IL

Piccadilly Hotel

51st Blvd. and Blackstone Ave.

Undated postcard digitized by ChicagoPC.info





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In 1968 I was a graduate student at the University of Chicago Divinity School. My spouse and I watched the west side burning with National Guard on the street below from, if I recall, our 10th floor, west side apartment of the Piccadilly married students dorm, after M. L. King was killed in April; we watched the TV reports of the Robert Kennedy assassination from there in June; we went down to Grant Park from the Piccadilly during the Democratic Convention in August; and we watched the Moon Landing events, July 16-21, on TV from the same Piccadilly apartment.

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