Ohave Sholom Mariampol

Street Address: 
151 Third Avenue (now 731 Plymouth Ct.)
Chicago, IL

This congregation was founded in 1870. According to most accounts, its members split from Beth Hamedrash Hagodol after a disagreement over proper attire at a service. For this reason, it was sometimes referred to as “the Straw Hat Shul” after the particular adornment that sparked the conflict.

The congregation was originally called Ohoave Sholom Mariampol, after the Lithuanian locality where many members came from. It originally met at a rented space on Third Avenue (now Plymouth Ct.) near Polk and Dearborn. In 1877, it moved to a new location at Canal near Liberty (now 14th).

Meites' History contains a profile of this congregation on pages 489-492.

The Anshe Sholom B’nai Israel website also has a history of the congregation.

Variant names

Congregation Enavi Sholom Marjampol (1874 city directory)

Congregation Ahavi-Sholom (1877 city directory)

Ahavi Sholom Mariampol (1915 directory)



1874 - 1877

Structure Type




can someone advise me where I can locate the historical records of the members of congregation Ahavi Sholom Mariampol and/or Enavi Sholom Mariampol. I am trying to determine if my paternal grandfather, who immigrated from Mariampol, was a member.

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