Little Florence (restaurant)

Street Address: 
2132 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL

Culled from: Drury, John. Dining in Chicago, New York: The John Day Company, 1931, p. 166.

Note: The Newberry Library holds the personal papers of author John Drury.

LITTLE FLORENCE, 2132 South Michigan Avenue

Now we are about two miles south of the Loop, in the vicinity of 22nd Street, which, in the old days, was Chicago's "Tenderloin," or, as it was called, the red light district. The Little Florence Italian Grill is located across the street from the old Lexington Hotel, alleged headquarters of the eminent Mr, "Scarface Al" Capone. This almost mythical gent and some of his retainers are said to eat their spaghetti not infrequently in the Little Florence. We don't know whether this is true or not, but we do know that the Italian dishes served here are on a par with those served in other well-known Italian restaurants of the town. Also, in case you should want to know, you are as safe in the Little Florence as you are in a church. The foods are good, the prices reasonable, and the waiters polite.




1931 - 1931


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