Kronenberger Residence

Street Address: 
1648 N. Meyer Court
Chicago, IL

Charles Kronenberger was born in Germany in 1840. He arrived in America in 1865 and settled in Chicago, where he took up residence at 45 Block Street (now 1648 N. Meyer Court). By the late 1870s, Charles, a carpenter, and his wife Eva were living at 142 Webster (now 1236 W. Webster Avenue). Their five children were born in the 1880s, and the family relocated to 211 Fullerton Avenue (now 1349 W. Fullerton Avenue). Charles worked as a coal dealer and then as a saloonkeeper. In the late 1890s, the Kronenbergers moved yet again to 1404 N. Campbell Avenue (now 2517 N. Campbell Avenue) where Mrs. Kronenberger ran a candy store. Charles Kronenberger died in 1899 and is buried in St. Boniface Cemetery in Chicago with his wife Eva, who lived until 1920.

For further details, contact the Chicago Genealogical Society. Charles Kronenberger is Pioneer Ancestor number 258.




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