Klett Residence

Street Address: 
641 W. Division Street
Chicago, IL

Conrad Klett was born in Wurtemburg  Germany in 1827. By 1860  Conrad his wife Anna Barbara and their five children were living in Chicago on Indiana Street near Clark Street (now the 100 block of West Grand Avenue). Mr. Klett operated a saloon with partner J.W. Matter at 211 W. Lake Street (now 815 W. Lake Street). By 1864  Conrad Klett was a baker at 47 N. Larrabee Street (now 851 N. Larrabee Street)  but two years later he was back in the saloon business at 186 Randolph Street (729 W. Randolph Street).

After the fire  Mr. Klett moved his home and saloon to 200 Division Street (641 W. Division Street) where he remained into the late 1880s. By 1894  the Kletts lived at 1725 Sherman Place (now 643 S. Sherman Place) and Mr. Klett worked at the County Building as a clerk. The Klett's son Joh became a Captain in the Chicago Fire Department. Conrad Klett died in 1903  and his wife in 1911. They are buried at Rosehill Cemetery in Chicago.

For further details  contact the Chicago Genealogical Society. Conrad Klett is Pioneer Ancestor number 294.




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