Huckell Residence

Street Address: 
1400 S. State Street
Chicago, IL

William Huckell was born in England in 1847 and emigrated to America in 1860. By 1867, he lived at 113 S. State Street in Chicago (now State Street between Washington Street and Madison Street) and worked as a printer for the Chicago Evening Post. In 1868, he married Emily Anderson. They had seven children over the next fifteen years. By 1871, the Huckells lived at 704 State Street (now the 1400 block of South State Street).

The next year, after the fire, Mr. Huckell was working for the printing firm of Horton & Leonard at 10 N. Jefferson Street (now 300 N. Jefferson Street) and the family resided on Hubbard Street near Lincoln, today the 2100 block of North Cleveland Avenue. The Huckells moved to the Austin area, not yet annexed into Chicago, and by the 1890s had relocated to Spencer, Iowa where Mrs. Huckell died in 1894. William Huckell married Nellie Longmire in 1899. He died in 1909 and is buried in Spencer, Iowa.

For further details, contact the Chicago Genealogical Society. William Huckell is Pioneer Ancestor number 268.




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