Holy Trinity High School

Street Address: 
1443 W. Division St.
Chicago, IL

Holy Trinity High School is a private Roman Catholic high school founded in April 1910. The school was established by the Rev. Casimir Sztuczko and the Brothers of Holy Cross who were concerned that the overwhelmingly poor residents of the predominantly Polish immigrant neighborhood could not afford to send their children to secondary school. The founders also wished to create a curriculum in the American tradition while still teaching courses in Polish so that students could preserve their cultural heritage.

Holy Trinity initially opened as an all-boys school and was originally located at 1110 N. Noble Street. Along with Weber High School, it was one of the first Polish high schools in all of Chicago and one of the few that offered classes taught in the Polish language. As Polish families moved north and into the suburbs, the student body at Holy Trinity began to change. In 1943, for the first time, the majority of Holy Trinity students were of non-Polish descent. Today, the student body is predominately Hispanic and African-American.





1910 - 9999

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