Copernicus, Nicolaus (Monument)

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E. Solidarity Dr.
Chicago, IL

The Nicolaus Copernicus Monument was erected by Adler Planetarium and dedicated in 1973 to commemorate the 500th birthday of the Polish astronomer. The Chicago-based Polish-American non-profit organization, the Copernicus Foundation, raised over $300,000 so that the monument could be built at no cost to the city. The statue of Copernicus is a replica of an original located in front of the Polish Academy of Science in Warsaw. Bronislaw Koniuszy is the sculptor of the replica.

Nicolaus Copernicus [Mikolaj Kopernik in Polish] (1473-1543) was born Torun (Thorn), Royal Prussia, which at the time was part of the Kingdom of Poland. He studied mathematics, astronomy, theology and medicine at the University of Krakow, developing the then radical theory that the earth revolves around the sun, thus becoming known as the father of modern astronomy.




1973 - 9999

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