Congregation Ohel Yaakov anshe Kovna

Street Address: 
1448 S. Homan Avenue
Chicago, IL

Congregation Ohel Yaakov Anshe Kovna first appears in the history of West Side congregations in 1906. Services were held daily at 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. This congregation followed the traditional Orthodox format, which was brought to Chicago by immigrants from the Kovno area of Lithuania. The only rabbi listed in the records was U.M. Zelesnick (1908-1916). Note: Family speculation points to an earlier beginning for this congregation, as Nathan and Pincus Shapiro are described as "founding members" (Nathan read the Sabbath service and Pincus was the "president" on their arrival on the West Side in 1892).

The shul moved to 1448 S. Homan Avenue in 1923, and changed its name to Congregation Ohel Yaacov Kovne The original structure was a one-story building with stairs leading down to the worship and study areas. The women's area was separated from the men's by a screen. Shortly after the move to this location, a red brick building was built, with the women's area in the balcony. In 1923, the rabbi was Isaac Caplan and the president of the congregation was D. Rabinowich.

The records for the "Kovnor Shul" end in 1930, but the telephone number is listed as Roc (Rockwell) 8478. Jewish Waldheim Cemetary has a section of member families of this synagogue.




1906 - 1930

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