Bloom/Svensson Residence

Street Address: 
Hudson Ave. and Locust St.
Chicago, IL

John Bloom aka Johannes Svensson was born in Stockaryd, Sweden on 25 January 1838. On 14 May 1864 he married Johanna Petersdotter in Jonkoping, Sweden. Johanna (Hannah) was born 2 October 1835 in Byarum Jankoping, Sweden to Peter Jonsson annd Ulrika Isarsdotter.

The family settled in Chicago in 1870. John died on 4 January 1880 and Johanna died on 14 July 1910. They are both buried in Graceland Cemetery in Chicago.

For further details, contact the Chicago Genealogical Society. John Bloom aka Johannes Svensson is Pioneer Ancestor number 114, 157 and Johanna Petersdotter is Pioneer Ancestor number 162.




1870 - 1910

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