Archbishop Weber High School (St. Stanislaus College)

Street Address: 
1456 W. Division St.
Chicago, IL

Now a part of Near North Montessori School, this was once the location of St. Stanislaus College, which was later renamed Weber High School. Opened in September, 1890 by Rev. Vincent Barzynski, St. Stanislaus College was the first Polish secondary school in the city of Chicago, providing a quality education to many future Polish-American leaders.

Located in a predominately poor Polish immigrant neighborhood, the original tuition of 25 cents per month was considered too expensive for most working class Polish families to afford. This prompted Rev. Casimir Sztuczko to open Holy Trinity High School in 1910, which was subsided by the Roman Catholic parish and thus more affordable to the children of Polish immigrants. Although highly successful for decades, Weber High School closed in June, 1999 due to low student enrollment.

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