Anshe Russia/ Poalie Zedeck

Street Address: 
19 O'Brien
Chicago, IL

Congregation Powalei Zedock is listed in city directories at 19 O'Brien St. from 1889 to 1909. Previously, the congregation was listed at Clinton and 12th St. In 1910, the congregation is listed at 1358 S. Union.

Name Variations:

Anshe Russia-Pola-Sedek

Anshe Russia-Pole-Tzedek

Congregation Powalei Zedock

Congregation Pol Zedeck

Congregation Poal Zedeck

Congregation Poal Zedeck Anshe Sfard

Congregation Poal Zedeck Anshesfard

Poile Zedeck

Congregation Poalie Zedeck (current congregation name)



1889 - 1909

Structure Type



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