Anshe Russia/ Poalie Zedeck

Street Address: 
Clinton and Judd
Chicago, IL

Anshe Russia is listed in Chicago city directories at the northeast corner of Clinton and Judd for the years 1883-1887. In 1889, Anshe Russia-Pola-Sedek is listed at 519 S. Canal.

Name Variations:

Anshe Russia-Pola-Sedek

Anshe Russia-Pole-Tzedek

Congregation Powalei Zedock

Congregation Pol Zedeck

Congregation Poal Zedeck

Congregation Poal Zedeck Anshe Sfard

Congregation Poal Zedeck Anshesfard

Poile Zedeck

Congregation Poalie Zedeck (current congregation name.)



1883 - 1887

Structure Type



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