American Indian Center

Street Address: 
1630 W. Wilson Ave.
Chicago, IL

This location has housed the American Indian Center (AIC) since 1966. The American Indian Center was originally organized in 1953 to provide a gathering space for those coming from the reservation into the city as part of the Bureau of Indian Affairs Relocation Program.

Many organizations use the Center for a variety of different purposes. The Menominee Community Center of Chicago uses the space the AIC provides to hold many of their meetings and functions; the California Indian Manpower Consortium (CIMC) is housed in the basement of the AIC. The CIMC's goal is to create positive change in Native communities by helping Native people find jobs.

The Newberry has an extensive collection of genealogical and historical resources to help those members who are trying to establish tribal affiliation either begin their search or confirm their tribal affiliation.



1953 - 9999

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