1112 South Lytle Street

Street Address: 
1112 South Lytle Street
Chicago, IL

Nathan and Bessie Shapiro moved from their De Koven Street address (1892-1902), with their still at-home children Henry (a tailor, age 28), Samuel (a tailor, age 26), Alexander (a furrier, age 24), Tillie (age 20 and about to marry a man named Cohon), Anna ( a stenographer, age 20; who will marry a man named Levin), Goldie (a clerk in an office,age 15), and Harry (age 14) to this address in 1906. The Shapiro Family shared the building with another family named Gruber (Carl). The family lived at 286 South Centre (Racine) before moving to this address.




1906 -

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